May 14, 2006

A while back we tried a new kind of event in VPchat called CourtVP. There’s so much drama in chat, it seemed a perfect fit. Two parties could come onto the VP stage and state their case. We’d randomly select 12 people and bring them onstage to act as the jury. There wouldn’t be any harsh penalties or anything – just some simple sentences. “You have to stay out of so-and-so’s room for a day.” That sort of thing. We started talking up the event, and people seemed really psyched about it. When we started looking for feuds to use for the event, though, we got a very different reaction. We got no takers for CourtVP.  Nobody seemed interested in airing their dirty laundry in public.

Recently a veteran chatter contacted us about all the stories out there in the VPchat community. There are many groups who met in VPchat and get together in real life. There are friendships and marriages, drama and divorces. This customer was eager to share his stories. Makes me believe it’s perfect timing for putting up boards. I wonder, though – will people want to put their stories up in public? Will chatters want other chatters sharing real stories about them? We’ll find out. We’ll make space for it – the chatters can do with it what they wish.