Chatters and Their Names

May 30, 2006

Chatters love, love, love their user names, even as the names mutate. “Warlock” gets banned, and signs up as “w.a.r.l.o.c.k.” which becomes
“-.-warlock-.-” “becomes “_-_warlock_-_” and on and on. Want to really piss someone off? Register your own variation on their name. You’ll be accused of harassment, identity theft, and threatened with legal action.

People say a lot with their names. It’s pretty easy to surmise the state of someone who registers “EmotionalButterfly”.  “MasterDeath” would sound a whole lot tougher if he weren’t playing REO Speedwagon in his personal chat room. “LiquidPoop” defies classification. Some chatters seem baffled by the response their user name elicits.

One person wrote to customer support, complaining that male chatters were being crude to her. The Ignore Button wasn’t enough, because chatters she didn’t know would proposition her out of the blue. “They keep asking me if I want to fuck,” she said. “They just won’t stop.” I looked up her account information and discovered the cause of this unwanted behavior. Her chat name? “GangBangMe”.


One Response to “Chatters and Their Names”

  1. thanks jesse. The pictures really do look great. I can’t wait to see the rest of them! Click

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