Boards Launch

May 8, 2006

We launched boards the other day. We had a few glitches to work out – we had to synch up the boards registration with the VPchat membership database. After the first pass, we realized that everyone who has ever been a member of VPchat could get in – even those on closed accounts. We also had to make sure that if a chatter was penalized (but the account not closed) they couldn’t post. Fortunately, both were relatively easy fixes. We launched with very little fanfare – I put an ad up in chat, and the guides spread the word a bit. I think it’s something that will grow organically. People are posting already – most of it’s pretty innocuous.

“Drama” has its own category. I’m not convinced it was a good idea to name it that. Many chat-related boards have “rants and raves” as a category – “drama” was meant to be a less inflammatory title (“rants and raves” invariably turned into all rants), but I’m not sure chatters care to define their conversations as drama. We can always change it if need be.

As much as I have concerns about hateful content on the boards, I’d like to see a bit of drama. We need something to generate a bit of excitement in chat. I’m a little surprised none of the groups are posting much. I set up categories for BDSM, Gor, Vampires, and Wolf Dens – all very popular groups in chat. If I really wanted to generate some drama, I could remove those categories. Nothing like people feeling slighted to stir up some lively conversation. We’ll see.


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